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The Beginning

I’d like to go back in time before it started, The day is Sunday, June 29 2014. It was a sunny morning, I’m a 18 year old student going to school 8AM to attend an exam, The school isn’t far away, just a 10 Min. ride from home. I remember a strange feeling while getting into the public transport microbus, a slight pain deep inside my head lasting moments, I felt lost for a second and my head was hit in the bus door frame, My brain easily ignored that incident at the time, I was heading for a chemistry exam and I gotta remember every formula!

As I engage in the exam an hour later, I noticed that my hand writing is a bit different, It felt like taking more time than usual to write. Trying to ignore any thougts and concentrate, I told myself you must be a bit tired.

It seemed to me that fasting is affecting my performance, It was 2nd day of Ramadan but I really felt good that day. I happen to love chemistry and did great in the exam that day, soon I was home having some rest after all!

After a day rest, I finally will finish my high school and here comes the final exam: Dynamics The easiest material of them all, I even slept to the last hour that day and didn’t review any problems. I got off the microbus to walk a few meters to school, I was walking with a friend and I remember he said I was walking “tilting” to my left, which was true. For some reason I didn’t know, I tried to convince myself everything is fine it’s the very last day and you’re done.

I’m now free! said to myself starting the long awaited vacation, that is playing video games 24/7, For 2 weeks I did nothing but play until the day, Wednesday, July 16 2014, At 5PM while walking between rooms at home, I suddenly feel the same momentarily pain I had 2 weeks ago, for a second I feel unpluged and fall to the floor. I became much worried and started thinking of that feeling outside the context of Ramadan, next day I went with my mom to see the family doctor, he did some routine checks and eventually said “Everything appears normal, we should do a brain CT to make sure everything is fine”.

On Friday 18 July, I had the first medical imaging in my life, a brain CT that showed nothing abnormal! The radiologist suggested doing a brain MRI that revealed a very bad conclusion, a demyelinating white matter disease (MS), the radiologist said I must see a neurologist ASAP, I knew it was bad because I just googled “walking difficulty” the day before and found many results about the chronic CNS disease MS.

To Be Continued..,



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